media training new york city

Oh yes, we can hear it, the objections, the comments such as, I’m not the company spokesperson or I don’t talk with the media, why should I spend my time and resources for media training – I’ve got a stack of things I need to do before something like that happens.

We know you’re thinking it because we hear it all the time. But there are good and financially sound reasons why the C-suite executives and CEOs need up-to-date training on media. Top tier leaders should also be the ones who know the products and services offered by the company better than anyone else – at least as a complete concept. They know where they want to go and hopefully what they are doing to get there.

If they’ve been in that industry for a considerable period, they also can be considered experts in that niche or field. Yep, Yep, Yep – you are nodding your head checking off all those skills you’ve worked so hard to gain. Well, you may just be wasting all that expertise if you don’t know how to work with the press and media.

Have you considered what it would do to bring your business into the light if you stepped out of your comfort zone and started putting yourself out there as the expert you are? Giving interviews, sharing thoughts to be used as quotes when needed by the local or national press, and even writing the occasional article for the local paper or free magazines dealing with issues in your area are great options. A lot of people see those and when they see your name and that you are local with great ideas and advice, well you could easily be the person and company they look for when they have a greater need in your niche.

Customers coming to you without doing cold calls or sending out numerous press releases – most of which never see the light of day in publication. No, this is different. It may take some time to build the reputation, or you may find you become in demand overnight. But it’s just another way to make the public aware of what you offer and that you can back it up with understanding and knowledge.

So, sign up yourself and a few others for the media training, it will refresh your skills, and if the people providing the training know you want to start offering your expertise through interviews, quotes, and articles, they may have some helpful tips to speed you to your goal faster.