Your agency’s been on board for three months now and hopefully becoming an extension of your marketing team.  They’ve put together a 90-day plan including the usual tactics, but are you getting a sense that they are delivering value?

Back in August, I discussed some tips on conducting agency health checks, which appeared in PRWeek.

At the three month mark, it makes sense to organize a meeting (or conference call if you cannot physically meet) to evaluate the progress and discuss expectations for the next three and six months.  This forum should be open and an opportunity for the company and agency to address any items that need to be ironed out.

Prior to the meeting, cross-check the goals outlined at the outset.   In addition, be sure to ask yourself the following questions to help lead the conversation:

  1. Are the PR pros easy to work with?
  2. Do they respond quickly to your inquiries and requests?
  3. Are they proactive?
  4. Do they have creative ideas?
  5. Are they prepared for weekly calls?
  6. Do they provide you with the proper reporting tools?
  7. Is your company starting to become visible in your key industry publications?   Is there a pipeline of opportunities?
  8. If your agency has already supported you at an event, have you experienced greater ROI due to PR support around the event?

It’s important to do an agency health checks regularly to make sure goals are being met and important issues are being brought to the table.  It’s also a great opportunity for the agency to highlight their hard work and brainstorm new ideas for the months to come.