Writing press releases is no longer an activity used by larger corporations – thanks to the advance of the internet, with just few clicks small businesses can land massive media exposure and reach out to millions of people.

While, it’s definitely not hard to come up with your own press releases, there certain tips that guarantee success and also successful distribution can sometimes become quite challenging. Fortunately, I’ve prepared an easy guide to ensure you get maximum exposure every time you have important business news to share. Here is all you need to do:

Getting the Right Message

The very first thing that ensures the success of your press release is the message it contains – don’t waste your time writing lengthy, boring company facts and data. The perfect press release is short, has catchy title and everyone can find out the main messages in the first few sentences.

This may sound like quite a hassle, but the truth is once you sit down and accept the limitations mentioned above, chances are you will create brilliant piece of content worthy of journalist’s attention.

Feel free to provide additional access to resources and other information, which can help readers. For best results ensure you have such posted on your business’s website, as linking directly to it from the press release could help gain additional traffic and also you will actually make it easier for journalists to discover more details about your business operation.

Making Journalist Database

Getting the press release directly to the inbox of influential journalists is something every business owner dreams of. However, in reality, it’s incredibly easy to build up your own media contact database, which will help gain huge traction for your announcements. There are few ways to start it:

  • Acquire contacts yourself – the internet is filled with tons of information about journalists and just few hours of research could land you unique opportunities within your specific niche. In addition to blogs and newspapers, where often the contact details are displayed along with pictures of the author, social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter are also highly effective channels for reaching out to such people.
  • Order email outreach service or contact database – there are numerous press release distribution services, which offer either outreach service to thousands of journalists in virtually any niche or entire contact databases for your personal press release distribution needs. While both options almost certainly guarantee massive exposure, they are often out of the price range for small business owners.

Newswire Distribution 101

The easiest and without doubt the most popular press release distribution method is via newswire – popular services like 24/7pressrelease.com, PRNews.io and PRWeb.com allow you have a release published in some of the most authoritative websites out there, so you can easily get few thousand people to read your news.

While at first newswire distribution may seem like the hassle free solution to generate a lot of buzz online, the truth is that if your content doesn’t appeal to readers, your money can easily go down the drain. For maximum exposure, write truly newsworthy piece of content and combine both distribution methods described above.