Free Publicity Top #11 on reprint rights

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Your industry magazine writes a cover story about you.

The New York Times features your restaurant in its business section.

The Wall Street Journal prints your photo along with a pop-out quote in its Marketplace section, and you’re a major part of the story.

Before you scurry off to make reprints, you must first obtain permission from the publication because they own the copyright. Yes, even though the article is about YOU.

In the old days, almost every publication gave you reprint rights for free. But not anymore.

A business friend told me she wanted to reprint a story published in The New York Times. The newspaper said it would sell her the rights for more than $2,000. That’s what’s happening in the world of publishing, where advertising revenue is shrinking.

Reprint rights for articles in smaller publications won’t cost that much. But if you can’t afford what they’re asking, your best bet is to buy as many copies as you can afford. Don’t wait a month or two to place your order or there might not be enough back issues.