One of the factors you should be monitoring is who in your social graph is getting media attention. And now there is a super simple way to do that – Newsle. Built by Harvard undergrads (sound familiar?) the service scans hundred of news and blog feeds looking for mentions of your connections. Perhaps this might be too narrowly focused for everyone, but it is a perfect digital PR tool, since we need to know who in our social graph is getting media coverage and what they’re saying. These alerts can open the door to conversation and engagement with these influencers.

Once you sign up it connects to your social accounts and then tracks which of your followers, fans and friends is showing in the news. It also keeps you current on what they are talking about and the articles often spark openings for conversations and engagement with these influencers.

“With Newsle, there’s no social news, only real news,” said Axel Hansen, co-founder of Newsle, who notes that he and his partner, Jonah Varon, have cut back their use of Facebook and Twitter because the sites become so noisy.

“There’s so much news we don’t care about, like what friends have to say about themselves or what they had for breakfast,” Hansen said. “But if someone else took the time to write about them, that’s more real than a tweet or status message.”

You can rank your news feed by most interesting or most recent. It will also tell you what’s trending.