Two years ago, a young girl’s lemonade stand was shut down by county health inspectors in Portland, Oregon. Nearby vendors at the farmer’s market rallied around the girl and her mother – increasing both her sales and the negative publicity surrounding the health department.

Without an immediate public response from the local government, the story started making waves. After the story went national, the county’s top elected official finally apologized for the misunderstanding: concluding that Lemonade Stands are “classic, iconic and American”.

Except when proper food handling is ignored and the public health is as risk, like in 2007, when a lemonade stand run by a group of cheerleaders was tied to an outbreak of stomach flu among at least 48 people.

Almost two years later, a similar event has happened at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where a young girl was mistakenly told by local health inspectors at “National Lemonade Day” to remove her stand.

The mistake prompted a fast response from the event coordinators, who went as far as donating $500 to the charity the young lady was raising money for: the American Heart Association, all before the story went national. Well done, Indianapolis International Speedway!