Love and song are in the air, which means spring has arrived. As Rexburg, Idaho still has another few months to shrug off the winter chill, they have ample reason to celebrate. May marks the completion of renovations at the busiest building in town: The Madison Memorial Hospital. The project began in late 2012, but gives the 140 doctors, nurses and staff fully updated floors, bathrooms and even a canopied parking area for patient safety. The entire project cost almost $2 million dollars, but there is more than just cause beyond public relations:

In just May alone, the maternity center is expected to see over 140 babies born. In just 2012, the Medical Center delivered nearly 1,500 babies. In the last 10 years, the population in Rexburg, Idaho has grown more than 50%.

The goals at the Madison Memorial Hospital are ambitious and exceed the expectation to deliver babies, but to enhance the mother, baby, and family experience. That’s an important community relations goal, especially in a small town that houses Brigham Young University-Idaho and an estimated 95% population of Latter-Day Saints. Happy birthing!