Local experiments are one of the often over-looked reasons why America is great.

Towns, cities, counties and states can implement policy that has local impact, but is usually unheard of nationally. If the policy fails, it unlikely gains traction or notice. However, if the policy works, it will begin to rise up political ranks and towards a national agenda.

In one such case, the city of Neosho, Missouri has taken an interesting step in community relations that could continue to influence the way municipal public relations is conducted across the nation.

It’s on online communications platform for the city of Neosho, found on their official website. Neosho residents can now:

  1. Search archives for Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  2. Set up email notifications to receive council agendas and press releases, etc.
  3. Pay bills online
  4. Report concerns, with all submitted tickets responded to by the PR office
  5. View city budgets, reports and statements
  6. Receive real-time alerts from local police, fire and related departments

It’s the most transparent way of doing business, especially when that business is to serve the community. Great Job Neosho!

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