In 1774, Colonel James M. Varnum led a militia in Rhode Island to fight for freedom in the Revolutionary War. Today, that same militia is still running drills, firing muskets, and fulfilling their patriotic duties.

The recognized militia, along with their Fife and Drum Corps practice every Wednesday at the Kentish Armory in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. These rehearsals are open to the public and draw in crowds of Rhode Island tourists looking for a taste of New England history.

The militia is now mostly seen at parades and historic events, but they are technically not re-enactors, they are the real deal.  The group has never disbanded and remains a legal military organization that can be called upon the by the state for active duty. So, if the Navy, Army, Marines, Coastguard or National Guard need some back up, the colonial-style Kentish Guard is ready for action!

The militia is a mix of historical preservation, patriotism, and American tradition. Rhode Island benefits from the tourism brought in by the group, as well as the educational and civic performances by the militia. Learn more about the group at