Walking onto a factory floor, you’ll almost immediately notice the massive equipment used for precision manufacturing. Generally speaking: the more complex the task, the more complex the machinery. You really have to see to understand the achievements of modern machinery.

But what if you went to work each day, blind or visually impaired? That’s the incredible story we’ve found at The Lighthouse for the Blind, who manufacturers products for the federal government and multi-national corporations. The Lighthouse currently employs over 300 individuals, more than 200 of whom are blind, Deaf-Blind, or blind with other disabilities.

The organization is part of a wider government program called AbilityOne, which is the largest source of employment for people with disabilities, by providing products and services for the Federal government and participating companies. It’s an incredible story for the organizations who supports those with disabilities – and the companies who work directly with the organizations and their manufactured goods. You can learn more about Ability One online – and see how you can participate with this exceedingly supportive program.