We all remember that singing politician, maybe not his name, but definitely the face and the song: When Eagles Soar. When Presidential hopeful and Attorney General John Ashcroft sang a rousing rendition of a song he wrote called ‘Let The Eagles Soar’, his political career abruptly ended. It was not only a public relations nightmare, but a career ending decision.

Since then, American politicians have shied away from singing on camera and for good measure. Singing in front of the American people isn’t good for your public image. But singing in front of children or a small group is. Take the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, who was recently filmed singing with children, immediately before an important budget decision. Her filmed singing is not only well-timed, but puts a personal touch on her budget plans as part of Ontario’s Liberal Party.

This is a great example of public relations and a public image politicians dream of.