Google’s latest headline-making innovation is called “Google Glass,” a pair of glasses that is essentially a mini computer that never leaves your vision. While the technology sounds like something out of a 1980’s sci-fi film, Google hopes that someday in the near future, everyone will own a pair of Google Glass.

Before the product has been made available to the public, a number of businesses are placing a pre-emptive ban on these futuristic shades. Certain casinos, like Caesars Palace in Las Vegas have prohibited them in an effort to prevent cheating. Similarly, a handful of restaurants and cafes have also put a ban in place saying that the spy-like cameras are an invasion of privacy.

Google Glass’s PR strategy was aimed at Twitter and social media, in the hopes of creating interest before the product’s release. Buzz created by over 13 billion tweets seems to have piqued the curiosity of perspective buyers. Time will tell how this new technology will be received by the public, but for now, Casinos and other businesses are sticking to their “no shades” policy.