This isn’t another Tiger Woods story. This is a story about Jack Nicklaus, the now 73 year old professional golfer.

In a recent airing of ESPN’s popular sports talk show, Mike & Mike – a recording of Jack Nicklaus starts conversation on the changing dynamics of public relations in sports. Nicklaus states, ““We were trying to get anybody to write about anything when we played and now you have to see how to keep somebody from writing about things.”

Nicklaus went on to say that “for the most part today you’re in a fish bowl,” while comparing issues in sports to “mountains growing out of mole hills”.

It’s an interesting change in sports PR that Mike & Mike agree with, especially once Jack Nicklaus had mentioned the show in his recorded press conference. Within 45 seconds, Mike & Mike’s Twitter feed exploded and their audience was awaiting a response.

The job of media relations director for professional sports teams used to be to try and get attention for your team. Now, it’s protecting your team from attention. Especially when Mike & Mike self-admittedly have 20 hours a week to fill and “negative things are more interesting than the positive things”.