In the past week, the term “drone” has been mentioned 8,500 times on television and radio.  If you search online for the term, the sentiment surrounding “drone” is negative.   Almost 1,000 of those mentions include the word “attack” with “drone”.

If you are an international brand, you want to be in the know on the use of the term “drone” in conjunction with your brand, especially overseas.

Such a case recently surfaced with Dominos, and the inaugural flight of a “drone pizza delivery” service in the U.K.

Luckily, the US-based public relations team prompted a fast response, wishing their UK stores well, as US-based locations have no plans for the commercial use of drones.

It’s one of the reasons why Critical Mention has expanded their real-time coverage in the UK… increasing the amount of TV & Radio stations from 15 to 100. To learn more about this new coverage, visit