According to the CDC, one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. To help combat this nationwide epidemic, district attorneys have begun to enlist the help of hair stylists… and there needs to be more buzz about it.

Since many salon professionals build long-standing relationships with their clients, they are in a unique position to identify warning signs common in abusive relationships. Through the CUT IT OUT Program, stylists learn how to spot signs of domestic violence and how to safely refer clients to local community service providers.

Beauty schools, such as Empire Beauty School, are partnering with CUT IT OUT programs and local law enforcement. With over 100 locations, Empire Beauty School is the largest cosmetology school in the United States – positioning them to do a lot of public good.

This is a great local outreach strategy for Empire Beauty School, local District Attorneys, Domestic Abuse Programs and most importantly: women.

As a public relations professional, who can your organization partner with to help your community?