As an island-bound, Manhattan-based company, our staffers sometimes daydream of that place…

That place on some remote country-highway. It’s where the openness of the road is augmented by the grassy boundaries of some crop to come. Air from the end of spring rushes past and the first hints of summer cascade down the sides of the shimmering convertible – warm to the touch.

Opening your eyes, you are now standing in a crowded metal subway propelling down the uneven darkness of decades-old track. The smell is stagnant.

The reality of the middle-America commute is somewhere in-between.

Many choose to use public transportation because of its simplicity, cost effectiveness, and convenience. Or, they have a “green” philosophy. Whether that philosophy is for the environment or for saving money… like the cost of a vehicle or tax-payer-reliant transportation, prosperous cities have a choice.

The goal of PR professionals: for auto companies, for public transit, and for insurance companies… is to augment that choice and that sweet summer air… of the open road, and the open subway tracks… and that sense of place in-between.