Creative Portland Corporation has been working on a public relations campaign to draw creative professionals to Portland, Maine and to develop a clear distinction from Portland, Oregon.

One of the first steps in the process was to create a new city slogan: “Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here.” The slogan is adapted from an essay by John Preston, a gay rights activist and author who lived in Portland in the 1970s.

The slogan is easily adaptable by local businesses, according to Creative Portland. For example, a coffee shop could include the company logo and say “Portland, Maine. Yes. Roasting’s good here.” Portland’s Mayor, Michael Brennan is in full support of the slogan and considers it a “’key part’ of the economic development plan for the city” according to the Portland Press Herald.

The simplicity and wording of the slogan has generated some discussion from the community on Facebook. Public opinion varies, but some commenters are suggesting that the slogan “doesn’t say anything,” or is too closely related to the well-known Life is Good clothing brand.

Jennifer Hutchins of Creative Portland says “if it sparks a vigorous discussion about what’s good and bad in Portland, it’s working.” As a PR professional, we’d love to hear your opinion on the city’s new slogan!