I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from the amazing professionals who read this blog regularly, and I’m very happy and honoured that many of you have been finding the content that I publish to be very useful.

Today I wanted to take a minute and make sure that, for those of you who are interested, you are aware of the many other amazing resources, blogs, books and white papers out there on the topic of online crisis communications and online reputation management that are aimed at bettering your knowledge and helping you protect and prepare your business or organization as best as you can.

That said, below you will find a bunch of links to awesome resources that I highly recommend.

Social Media Crisis Management – The Starter’s Toolkit
I created this toolkit to provide professionals, such as yourself, with a step-by-step plan and workshop/toolkit to begin developing a social media crisis management plan for your business or organization. It’s short, to the point and jam-packed with strategic information and guidelines to get you started, the right way. You can learn more about the Toolkit and view a .pdf of the table of contents by clicking here.

Recommended Books, Reports and White Papers
I’m a huge book warm! Whenever I read a really great book or paper on the topic of crisis communications I share it with you by updating this list of recommended reads. This is definitely one for your bookmarks! Click here to discover the extensive list of excellent crisis management-related reads that I recommend for your bookshelf.

Other Crisis Management Blogs Worth Following
There are a ton of excellent blogs out there, written by some of the leading crisis management professionals from around the globe. And guess what, they’re ALL worth adding to your reader! Here’s a post I wrote a few months ago listing some of these excellent and regular blogs worth following.

Social Media Crisis Case Studies
As you may know, I love to teach (and learn) by example! Here is another page for your bookmarks that I update regularly. It’s a comprehensive list of social media crisis case studies that contain loads of learning material for all different types of crisis situations and industries. Check it out by clicking here!

If you have any other crisis management resources that you’d like to share with myself and the other fabulous readers of this blog, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Do you have a social media crisis or online reputation management question that you’d like for me to answer within a blog post? If so, send it over and I’ll do my best to provide you with a comprehensive post that meets your needs!

photo by: Kamil Porembiński