shutterstock_275980292When it comes to promoting a personal brand it can be a challenge to reach the level of viral attention of a public figure or celebrity. But there are strategies you can use that will actually attract a large audience. With good research in your target market and a well-crafted press release your brand can get noticed.

Garnering a response from your brand’s publicity can take your visibility to the next level. Your news and share-worthy information can attract more shares, especially with the right keywords in your headline and copy. A stand-out press release will show that your brand is worth checking out – even by media outlets.

How do you create a news strategy that attracts a larger following online? A well-crafted and high quality article is the first step to standing out. Following that is tapping into the right publishing resources who can help you reach the most people in your market.

The brand that does not appear to be professional is more likely to be overlooked. It’s important to focus on your strengths, and clearly show your best work.

How to Create a Winning Press Release for Your Brand

There are several ways you can maximize your visibility success:

  • Focus on the right readers – The key to gaining traction is to know exactly who your brand’s target readers are. This information is based on your market research, and can vary depending on the topic or news story. Ask yourself who is most likely going to share your article and why they would be interested before creating your copy.
  • Make a regular press release schedule – Plan ahead of time to write your brand’s story with the right services and tools in place. It’s important not to miss this important element in brand visibility, especially as your company will be seen by journalists and influencers, which drives more traffic to your website.
  • Know the best days for publishing – Many times a Tuesday or Thursday will gain the most attention online, especially when released at midnight. Keep in mind the news wires are very quiet on the weekends, and Mondays and Fridays are busy days for most journalists and businesses.
  • Share your story – Once your press release is out there you will want to share this on your various social media channels as well as alert your email subscribers. There is just a short time frame to do this, and so you will not want to delay sharing your news for the most visibility.

A well-planned and focused news strategy for your personal brand can not only grow your online network, but also opens the door of opportunity for guest blogging, book deals, media coverage and collaboration with influencers in your niche.