Starting a new job is always nerve-racking. Starting a new job in a Public Relations agency requires a level of multitasking, mental juggling and attentiveness beyond any other career change.

Here are some challenges that every entry-level public relations agency professional faces:

  • Prioritizing Tasks

Between writing pitches, building media lists and creating social media content, you should make a list of deadlines and prioritize clients before tackling tasks. Based on editorial calendars of target publications, make sure you submit client information well ahead of deadlines. Additionally, creating monthly calendars help visualize and space out pitches for each client.

  • Discovering Tone of Voice

Working at a public relations agency means taking over social media accounts for multiple clients. Depending on the type of client, brand and target audience of products, their social media channels may utilize unique voices to interact with potential and existing consumers. It may take some time to adopt those new voices to remain consistent with their existing branding strategy.

  • Staying Confident

Every employee wants to prove themselves to be useful after starting a new job by producing measurable outcomes. In the case of public relations, employees may benchmark success by the number of press hits reached and influencers partnered with. It is important to understand that quality work and relationship-building with journalists as well as influencers will not go unnoticed. Although most pitch emails remain unread, stay confident and continue to pitch creative angles.

  • Balancing Independence

Especially for those who are fresh graduates, balancing independence and receiving feedback in the workplace can be something new. Unlike the education system, the public relations workplace generally does not have a set method of feedback. After discussing with your director, find a level of independence that is comfortable for you where you receive enough guidance but are also able to take initiative.

  • Remaining Present

Unlike other jobs that allow you to shut off after the clock strikes 5 p.m., social media channels are on 24/7 and require us to be attentive even when it is off-hours. Public relations professionals are known for being on their phones checking for new hits or crises to attend to, but it is also necessary for us to live in the moment. Here’s a pro tip: always keep a portable phone charger on you!