Marketing and news can be used to build loyalty with journalists. According to a recent article by PRWEB titled “7 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Automatic Content Marketing” one of the most important ways is to “keep it fresh”. Frequently updating content will continue to bring journalists back to your website. This could be done in many ways including an “In the News Section” as seen in Prudential’s online newsroom. This content is updated constantly when Prudential is mentioned in articles, posts, blogs, etc. A second way to “keep it fresh” is to include a “featured news” section as seen on Pulte Homes newsroom. These are frequently updated press releases about your organization. When journalists realize they won’t be seeing the same old thing when they visit your newsroom, they will come back for more.

Another way to build customer loyalty listed in the article is to “touch on targeted topics”. A best in class example of this is the University Hospitals newsroom. They have an “available experts” section that includes specialists from Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Sports Medicine and many more. Journalists writing on these topics will continually use this newsroom as a resource because they can get the information they need for their stories and articles. A second way to touch on targeted topics is the way T-Mobile has on their “Issues & Insights Blog” which can be found on their newsroom. This section takes current topics and has officers within their company address them. The content is fresh because they are always addressing current concerns, issues, and trending topics.

Whether you are using your online newsroom to become a reliable resource for journalists or to provide thought leadership and insights for your industry, keeping your content frequently updated will build loyalty, and in turn, get repeat visitors and additional coverage for your organization. Some of these steps can be automated and some require diligent monitoring of current trends and issues within your industry.