Ah yes, press releases: a staple of the business collateral landscape that has not just survived the transition from the print to the digital world, but has thrived. Indeed, thanks to the “evergreen” nature of web content, press releases are the brand marketing gift that keeps on giving.

However, despite their proven value — and staggeringly high ROI compared to most other forms of conventional brand building — many businesses aren’t happily aboard the press-release bus. And frankly, the biggest reason is that they don’t know what to announce.

If your business is caught in this knowledge gap, here are four ways that you can use press releases to drive and increase brand visibility:


Milestone announcements make excellent press releases, because they convey business growth — which is a core part of strategic brand marketing. Examples include an anniversary (“we’re celebrating 5 years”), a customer-related milestone (“proudly served our 1000th customer”), or adding staff (“we’ve welcomed our 20th team member”).

Anything New

Press releases are ideal for announcing new products and services — but you probably knew that already. However, what you may not know is that you can also announce developments like brand updates (e.g. new names for products and/or product lines), a new website (or a major update to an existing website), and so on. Simply put: if it’s new and relevant to your target marketplace, then it’s going to fit within your press release strategy.


Have you recently won an award or achieved any other positive industry recognition (e.g. getting listed as a recommended vendor in a buyer’s guide, receiving a positive review from a credible independent website, etc.)? Then a press release helps you shine a bright, brilliant spotlight on your success. Just remember that time is of the essence. You want to get the good news out there ASAP.

Reputation Rehabilitation

If your business is getting beaten up in the court of public opinion — which could be due to your competitors muddying the waters and trying to steal market share — then press releases can be your best way to set the facts straight, and rehabilitate your damaged reputation. For example, according to the Law Office of Charles Huber, a press release is an excellent way for businesses to announce that they have successfully emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The Bottom Line

Press releases have changed over the decades, but they certainly aren’t heading into the dustbin of history. On the contrary, they’re more viable and valuable than ever — and the above ideas can help your business reap the brand marketing rewards now, and for years to come.