LinkedIn has taught modern business professionals plenty about showcasing individual achievements. We proudly list our employers, titles, past positions and alma maters.  One thing you don’t see in the typical LinkedIn profile is somebody’s age.

AARP recognized a long time ago that people of a certain age are often proud of their status and more than happy to show it off- especially if it means discounts.

In the world of public relations, the editorial team at PR Week decided that the gray-beards were hogging the limelight – and that younger professionals were many times catalysts of change who deserve to be recognized, so, the magazine created a list of PR pros it calls 40 under 40.

Announced in August, this year’s list includes 13 corporate honorees: four from associations and 23 from agencies.

The youngest are 28 years old — Andrew Bleeker from Hill & Knowlton Strategies and Lauren Wesley Wilson of MSL Group.  There were six 39-year-olds.

On behalf of the team here at Critical Mention, we congratulate everyone who made the 40 under 40 list- it’ll be a few years before you can flash your AARP card, so enjoy your fame.

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