multiple press release use cases

Press releases used to be a one-off tactic. Brands needed to announce something so their PR team would fire off a press release, forget about it, and move onto the next one.

However, more and more organizations are starting to embrace perpetual demand generation strategies, which call for a structured cadence of communications — including press releases.

Promoting your brand’s news and content by regularly distributing press releases can keep your organization top-of-mind across audiences, increase visibility by connecting with the media and other influencers, and help you stay engaged in important industry conversations.

As Amanda Hicken writes in Why Your Press Release Strategy Shouldn’t Be One and Done, there are many times when sending out multiple press releases around a topic can dramatically increase results.

But where to start? What calls for more than one release? Here are three situations where multiple releases can do a better job at achieving your communications objectives.

Conferences and Events

Industry events are a great way to generate more visibility and leads for your brand, and press releases should not be overlooked as part of your event strategy.

Many other companies will be vying for share of voice during an event. Distributing multiple press releases before, during and after can help you keep the attention on you.

Promote your appearance at a trade show or event with a press release announcing that your brand will be there. Sending this press release prior to the event can put you on attendees’ radar and help drive foot traffic to you.

A subsequent release could introduce the team of representatives you’ll have at the event, so that other attendees know whom to seek out to discuss your products or services. During the event, share updates to stay part of the overall conversation. Then, follow it up with a release sharing key takeaways or promoting the blog post you wrote recapping the event.

Capitalizing on the interest surrounding an event can not only increase your engagement during it, but also get your brand involved in future conversations with other attendees.

Read The Best Time to Send Your Trade Show Press Release to learn more about when to promote your event news.

Product Launches

Launching a new product or service requires a lot of work and development across different stakeholders at your company. With so many people invested in the new offering’s success, why not make an effort to generate as much buzz as possible?

Instead of just one release announcing the launch, consider multiple releases that shed light into different aspects of your product or service. Share the data that informed your decision to launch the product, or interview a product manager for a different perspective. Once the product is launched, follow up with any subsequent updates. Share customer experiences and testimonials to keep prospects engaged.

Regular promotion of your products increase awareness, and therefore demand.

Charitable Giving

Does your brand participate in volunteer events, donation drives, or contribute to charitable causes? Regular updates about your brand’s efforts to give back will allow you to connect with your audience in a different way.

Include photos of your teams engaging with your community to give your brand a face and personality. Many buyers also like working with companies they know participate in CSR initiatives. Promoting these activities can generate positive impressions of your company—and if you’re keeping tabs on social sentiment around your brand, these announcements are sure to help give that a bump.

These are just three ways to incorporate multiple press releases in your workflow. The key to success is continually seeking out new opportunities for your public relations and marketing programs.

Get creative with how you share your brand’s story and you’re likely to accomplish improved visibility and overall results. Download High-Impact PR Planning that Drives ROI and Supports Demand Generation to learn more about leveraging the full power of public relations to achieve your business goals.