I recently received an email from Michal Hanan from the firm Smoyz. They are an Israeli creative advertising agency that works with brands like Kleenex and Evian. He wanted to clue me in on their recent Facebook and Direct Mail campaign for Kleenex. The campaign uses the Facebook platform to find sick people and then sent the Facebook users Kleenex care packages in the mail.

Michal sent me a link to a video that describes the campaign process.

Smoyz did an excellent job at using a unique idea to drive impressions and reactions through the Facebook profile. I’m surprised that they were successful at obtaining the addresses for people from their friends.

This is an excellent campaign if you are looking for impressions and interactions using Facebook. It does build brand recognition… that is the truth. This is great PR.

However… I’m still under the opinion that great impressions and brand advocacy can only do so much for a brand. What is the next step in the Smoyz campaign? Should they be tracking the impressions and reactions that lead to actual sales? Does it even matter?

Should it matter?

I love this campaign but creative agencies are only in business when they are creative. What happens when creativity loses to data and revenue?

When do we take the next step?