Steve Jobs public speaking

It comes as no surprise that successful marketers know that their presentation skills are just as important as the message they are trying to convey – maybe even more. Every message broadcasted is always open to interpretation, and the better your message is presented, the more likely your audience will remember the necessary key points that are going to provide them value.

Below are 9 ways to effectively communicate to your audience on stage.

1.      When you are delivering a message you have to own it (believe in yourself!)

2.      Be able to adapt to your audience (know what they want)

3.      Practise, Practise, Practise! To be able to effectively communicate to your audience, you must practise.

4.      Preparing for public speaking can only be developed through direct experience with your target audience(s).

5.      Skilled presenters are flexible – they can use their familiarity with an audience to answer to even the most subtle signals.

6.      Just like a good story, for a presentation to start and end on the right track, there has to be some excitement/anticipation along teh way to heighten your presence.filler words

7.      Eliminate filler words: And, um, uh and like, tend to get in the way of your meaningful content. People will start to focus on those words, rather than your presentation, if they are used consistently.

8.      Know your product like the back of your hand (you must be able to deal with any mishaps, glitches, and answer questions thoroughly).

9.      Most importantly, be real! People like to connect with sincere people, not someone who reads from a script and has no interest in the matter. People want to connect with your heart, not your head!

When I think of a great presenter, one name comes to mind – the late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple.

He was inspirational, revolutionary, and truly ground breaking. Steve Jobs made Apple the global success story that it is today. He was truly an innovator of our time and was able to forecast what people wanted and desired even before they knew what they wanted. Jobs understood that a brand is capable of humanizing a business, and that is the reason why today so many people around the world are Apple product fanatics and enthusiasts. Most importantly, he was able to interact and engage with his audience on another level.

Below is a clip of Steve Job’s iPad launch speech given in 2010. Not only was he an innovator and an inspiration to many, but most importantly, he believed in his products.

After listening to Steve Jobs’ presentation, what did you admire most about his presence on stage?