If you’re a startup looking to get press, it can be quite hard, especially when it’s your first time talking to reporters. You may not be sure on where to go, what to do, and how to better approach them. Some founders are even too shy to talk about their startups, thus some coaching would be helpful.

What to do, then? We have collected nine tools that can be very useful for startups to find the coverage they crave. You might have known several of these tools, while haven’t heard about the rest. Some are completely free, while others require a small commitment fee.

Give them a try. And share the results with us.

1. HARO – Get Free Mentions in Articles

What is it: HARO, also known, as ‘Help A Reporter Out’ is a free quote-mention service. Every day, you’ll get an automated email with quote requests from journalists and bloggers. It’s considered the granddaddy of free publicity.

Funding: Unknown, acquired by Vocus (now Cision).

Website: https://www.helpareporter.com/

2. GhackLabs – Ask for Quotes and Get Quoted

What is it: A new platform that allows writers, journalists, and bloggers to get quotes from experts, founders, influencers, and the crowd. Writers and journalists can post new stories about what they’re writing on the platform as well, so sources can see how their quotes were used. It’s a mix of Reddit (comments and votes), Quora (sharing knowledge), and HARO (getting quotes from sources).

Funding: Undisclosed investment from Forming Circles Global.

Website: http://ghacklabs.com/

3. JustReachOut – Do It Yourself PR

What is it: JustReachOut app helps you to discover relevant journalists and bloggers. You can search specific topics and find out who is writing about them. Next, you just reach out and pitch your story directly to the journalists. No need to pay expensive monthly PR retainer. The cost is $65 per month.

Funding: Unknown.

Website: https://justreachout.io/

4. PayPerClip – Pay for Performance

What is it: PayPerClip is a PR agency that works on a different business model. As the name suggests, you only need to pay if PayPerClip delivers positive publicity results. Price starts at $850 for a brief mention in an online magazine.

Funding: Unknown.

Website: http://www.payperclip.com/

5. Prowly – Create, Publish, and Distribute Content

What is it: It’s PR software using big data. They have a bunch of tools that you can use to create and distribute press releases, including managing press database, pitch them by email, track results, and other newsroom capabilities. The cost starts at $85 per month.

Funding: $1.1M Series pre-A, Lead MCI Capital SA with Tomaz Danis and Bluerank.

Website: https://prowly.com/

6. Submit – Where to Get Press Coverage For Your Startup

What is it: Submit is a free tool that lists over one hundred publications. And ranks them by category, followers, and Alexa ranking. It’s a quick and easy way to find out which publications you should be pitching too.

Funding: Self-funded (a side project by BetaList).

Website: https://submit.co/

7. Pressfarm – Find Journalists to Write About Your Startup

What is it: You can search over 23,000 press contacts, emails and social profiles starting at $18.00. The upgraded plans also provide pitching help, submission to startup directories, and curation of interested journalists.

Funding: A side project by HeyPress.

Website: https://press.farm/

8. PressFriendly – PR Coaching and Strategy

What is it: PressFriendly is a PR coaching service for startups. They teach you strategy and ways to maximize your PR outreach. There’s also a premium service, which acts as a virtual PR agency for your startup. Packages start at $999 per month.

Funding: Unknown.

Website: http://www.pressfriendly.com/

9. A News Tip – Find Journalists by What They Tweet

What is it: Search journalists by what they are tweeting about, indexing over one million media contacts. It starts with a free account for 10 pitches per month. Paid plans start at $69 per month.

Funding: Unknown.

Website: https://anewstip.com/