What is one reason you should still write a press release in 2015?

1. They Build Credibility

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesSince press releases tend to appear in search engine results, it’s a great way to build credibility when someone searches for your company. It also gives people, including potential customers, a chance to read about the interesting and important things you are doing at your company. These things will help you stand our from your competitors. – Diana GoodwinAquaMobile Swim School

2. They Illustrate Your Point of View

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesIn the fashion industry, editors love to hear the inspiration behind the collection directly from the designer or brand. A press release accompanied by visuals is still the best way to communicate your point of view and how you would like your collection discussed. Most editors don’t have time to interview the all the designers who present, so it allows them to reference your vision with ease. – Jessica Brown, Ivy & Aster /Lovelane LLC

3. They Offer Linkbuilding for SEO

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesThe conventional wisdom on press releases is that they won’t get you much coverage because journalists don’t read them. But they give you an opportunity to link to pages with the keywords you want those pages to rank for in the anchor text. When the press release gets mirrored across the web, those links help your brand-new pages quickly gain credibility with search engines. – Alexander MooreBoomerang

4. They Enhance Your LinkedIn and Facebook Sites

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesPress releases are an excellent way to link to your LinkedIn profile and company Facebook pages. Often, when people visit my or our company pages, they are there on a mission. Having links to press releases builds our credibility. – Tamara NallThe Leading Niche

5. Some News Sites Still Expect It

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesMy company operates in a hyper-local space where many news sources still request press releases. Even if no journalists required them, press releasesrecord the most crucial details of a story — the facts you don’t want reporters to get wrong. The key is to respect journalists’ time: send them a brief personalized note with a teaser before sending a press release. – Manpreet SinghTalkLocal

6. They Provide Reach

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesPress releases aren’t the PR tool they once were, especially in the tech field where journalists prefer Twitter and other social media networks. But newswires and press releases are valuable for getting brand news onto multiple channels. Journalists (and aggregators) watch newswires, but press releases should be part of a comprehensive PR strategy that involves direct outreach and social media. – Vik PatelFuture Hosting

7. They’re Great for Big Announcements

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesPress releases are a good idea when you have a big message to announce. They are also beneficial if the announcement is related across multiple markets. In the end, you just need to ensure it will be cost efficient. – Jayna CookeEVENTup

8. They Tell the Story as You Want It Told

8 Reasons to Keep Writing Press ReleasesA press release is a must if there is any chance your news will be picked up by the media without one. While that may sound backwards, your proactivity enables you to tell the story as you want it told — highlighting all of the right things in all the right ways for maximum impact. When you start the conversation, it’s likely that the press will echo your angle. – Christie KernerLaunch MiE