media distribution

Imagine you’re a successful, seven-figure business owner. You spend your days working on your business and managing your team of employees.

It sounds like a dream life, but it takes work to get there. From marketing and sales to media distribution, you need to build your business first.

Keep reading to learn how media distribution can help you get more sales and grow your company.

1. Easy to Start

If you want to get some news coverage for your business, you have a few options. You could pitch individual newspapers and magazines.

But you’ll have to spend time writing individual pitches based on those publications. That takes time, and you may spend more time on it than you did writing the press release.

You have to research what each publication wants to publish. But when you use a digital media distribution service, you don’t have to do any of that.

You can write the press release and submit it through a media distribution company. That company sends it to tons of publications in bulk so that you can save time.

2. Increase Traffic

Media distribution can help you get your press release into many publications. If someone reads even one of the publications that use your press release, that person can learn about your business.

Then, they may decide to visit your website or your physical store. You don’t have to do a ton of self-promotion to get more traffic.

While you won’t have control over how many news outlets publish your press release, any coverage can help. You may notice a sharp increase in web visitors or your store may get a lot busier than it has been.

All you had to do for those results was to write a press release and submit it for digital media distribution.

3. Generate Sales

More traffic, either in-person or online, can lead to more sales. If you have a well-designed website or a store with a good layout, you can encourage visitors to buy from you.

Depending on your business, you may make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more. Now, it can be hard to determine what sales come from the press release.

But if you follow your trends before the press release, you can get an idea of how much change the press release caused. Then, you can use things like email lists to keep those new customers interested in your company.

Over time, they can come back and buy more, and you can continue to grow your business.

4. Boost Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for growing your business online. Google uses an algorithm to determine which websites to show in search results.

One of those things is how well-known a website is. If your business is new, you probably won’t rank highly based on your website.

But publications like local or national newspapers have some authority. Google knows it can expect reliable results from publications.

So if someone searches for something related to your press release, the release might show up. Then, the person searching can learn about your business.

Even if your business is primarily offline, people learn about things online. You can use the SEO from your press release to help get offline business.

5. Share News

If you want to take advantage of digital media distribution, you should share news in your press release. Make the release more than “here’s this cool company.”

While that can get more people to know about your business, it doesn’t tell them much. Include something that potential customers would find interesting.

Share a recent milestone, such as releasing your 10th product. Include information about an upcoming sale, or share your perspective on something in your industry.

Make it fun for people to read, and that can make them want to learn more about your business. If you don’t include stuff like that, people won’t want to read your future press releases.

You don’t have to share company secrets or major things. It could be something as small as a new product or as big as the grand opening for a new location.

6. Digital Media Connections

As a business owner, you know how to do what you do. You know how to create your products or offer your services. So it makes sense that a media distribution has experience in that.

Odds are you probably don’t know many journalists or editors. You most likely don’t have a direct line of contact with someone high up at a publication.

But media distribution companies do have those connections. Some companies know high-profile journalists or editors.

They may know people who focus on all types of journalism. So you can work with a media distribution company that can help you and your industry.

Connections can make a big deal when getting digital or social media distribution. If you want to work with a company, see who they distribute press releases to and if those publications are relevant to your business and industry.

7. Help With Press Releases

Not all media distribution services can do this, but some can help you write press releases. If you’ve never written a release before, you can take advantage of this service.

The company will know what to include and how to structure the press release. That way, you can increase your chances of a popular publication picking it up.

You don’t have to hire a separate professional writer to create a press release. If you choose the right PR firm, you can get both services in one.

You can save time and money on both parts of creating and distributing a press release. And if you’re new in business, that can mean the difference between growing your company and not.