Drake Public Relations

If you work in public relations, you probably find professional inspiration in a lot of places. For example, you may feel inspired when you see someone who is undoubtedly considered a leader in your industry. Or perhaps you hear about a really great event thrown by a fantastic firm and it inspires you to try and do your job in an even better way.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of inspirations for PR professionals that exist well outside the sphere of the PR industry. If you look to popular culture and the media, you’ll see about a million examples of PR brilliance that you would be wise to emulate.

One of the biggest examples of this is the rapper Drake. Not only is Drake at the very top of the charts and a huge force in the music industry, but he’s a total PR mastermind. To help you to feel inspired and enthused about the PR game, here are six things PR pros can learn from rapper Drake.

1. Always Reinvent Yourself

Drake did not start out very “cool,” at least not in the eyes of the rap world. He started out as an actor in Canada, starring in the very cheesy teen soap opera Degrassi. Still, Drake understood the power of reinvention and changed his image, becoming the superstar we know him to be today.

2. Always Be Original

Drake isn’t famous because he’s reductive and boring. No, Drake is a star because his music is original and compelling. You never want to do the same old boring thing. Instead, be original in your work with your clients to ensure that you stand out.

3. Challenge Yourself

Drake is always experimenting with new genres and new musical influences. He is always challenging himself. You should do the same thing in your PR career. Instead of settling into the status quo, always be challenging yourself to try new things and do more.

4. Work With Good People

From Rhianna to Taylor Swift, Drake is always working with good, trendy people. You essentially are who you associate with, so be sure that you are associating with influential hit-makers, just like Drake does. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid newcomers to your industry, however. In addition to working with the coolest people in the music industry, Drake takes time to work with new and emerging artists as well. Helping out people who are new to the industry is good for both your reputation and your soul.

5. Try Different Things

Drake isn’t just a rapper, he’s a businessman, an actor and much more. To stay fresh, always be trying new things. In addition to your PR career, dip your toe in the world of marketing and advertising as well. Being multifaceted can do wonders for your PR career and help to take you to new heights.

6. Learn From Your Mistakes

Drake has made some bad songs and some bad career choices, but he always manages to bounce back. This is because he is always growing and he is committed to learning from his mistakes. If you make a mistake in your PR career, acknowledge it and analyze what you could have done differently. The ability to learn from your mistakes and grow as a professional is essential to just about every field.

You can take inspiration from Drake to help you evolve in your PR career. True PR professionals look to myriad different industries and professions for inspiration. If you emulate Drake, you are sure to find true career success.

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