Journalists and bloggers literally receive hundreds of media pitches, or story ideas, a day. How do you make sure yours doesn’t get lost among the masses?

5 Tips to Write a Media Pitch That Stands Out

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Follow these media pitching tips to stand out!

Here are 5 quick tips for writing a media pitch that stands out from the rest:

  1. Before you start writing, think about why the outlet’s readers should care and summarize it in one sentence. For example, if you make high quality chocolate that looks like sushi, why would Moms and Dads reading a parenting magazine care? One successful angle we used for this on behalf of one of our clients was sushi she could eat while pregnant. In fact, it landed our client in major magazines like Parents.
  2. Include the summary of why readers should care at the beginning of the pitch. This will ideally catch the reporter’s attention right away and provide incentive for them to keep reading.
  3. Include additional information about the product, company or service – but not too much! You want to give the writer enough information to decide if this is something they might cover, although you also need to keep it short. A good rule of thumb is to keep the entire pitch to 2-3 short paragraphs, so it fits on one computer screen or can be read easily on their mobile devices.
  4. Include a link to your website. This might seem simple, but a lot of people forget to do this. Provide a URL that links directly to more information. For example, if you’re pitching your line of summer hats, link directly to your “Summer Hats” page instead of your home page. If you’ve created an electronic press kit for your business, make sure you include a link to it as well!
  5. Include your contact information. Although most reporters prefer to communicate via email, some will pick up the phone and call if they’re on deadline. Include your phone number in your email signature so they can get a hold of you urgently if they need to.