Here are 5 surefire ways for you to generate millions of dollars in free publicity for your business:

1. A simple way to get local, statewide, and possibly even national publicity is to contact your city’s local newspaper(s) for their “people on the move” section of their newspaper and let them know if you hired a new employee or promoted an employee, or an employee won an award or other employee “bragging” news. The easiest way to do this is to call your local newspaper to tell them you have news for their “people on the move” section and ask them what is the best way for you to get that information to them. They may ask for the information over the phone or ask you to complete a questionnaire and email or fax it to them. After contacting your local newspapers, contact any local or statewide business journals that talk about business in your city, state, or region and go through the same process. Then, if your company belongs to any industry associations, you should go through this process again. This is a very easy way to get publicity and you should do this every time you hire new employees (especially in management positions), promote employees, employees win awards, etc. At minimum, you should be doing this every 30-days. If your business does not currently give your employees awards, you may want to create an employee award program at your business simply so you can use the program to generate publicity every time you give the award to an employee.

2. Another way to easily get publicity is whenever you have employee news, and that employee is a college graduate, contact that employee’s college’s alumni magazine to announce that employee’s news – won an award, was promoted at your company, got a job at your company, etc. You also need to do this for you and you need to contact your college’s alumni magazine to tell them news about you. If you started a business, and your college alumni magazine does not know this, contact them to tell them. They will almost certainly run a big story on you. This is a very simple way to get national publicity.

3. Whenever your business wins any type of award, contact your local newspapers, local business journals, and any industry associations you belong to and tell them the good news. This is a very easy way to get publicity. You will generally have more success if you call and ask to speak to someone in their news department than if you send a press release which may get lost in the sea of press releases they receive every day.

To generate national and potentially international publicity that is seen by millions of people, you need to follow these tips and rules:

4. For business news, the #1 thing the media cares about is, “What is the major/disastrous/devastating problem and how can it be solved?” Unless you are a well-known Fortune 1000 company, the media does not want you pitching your business’s products or services in your press release. They consider that to be advertising. The media wants the story/press release written as an “unbiased” news story written by a leading industry expert where you talk about a “shocking” problem and innovative ways to solve it. It is only at the bottom of your press release after the press release story section where you say this information was written by John Doe, who is an expert at X Topic and is the CEO of XYZ Company, a business that provides XYZ solutions for XYZ problems. If your product or service is the only way to solve the problem, then you need to write your press release discussing your product or service as unbiased news information. A good way to do this is to contact and hire a local newspaper reporter, or a freelance journalist, or a PR firm and have them help you write and distribute your press release so it is written as valuable and helpful unbiased news and does not read like an advertisement.

You do not use publicity to sell your product or service. You use publicity to create credibility for you and your company as an expert in your field/industry (if the media is talking about you, you must be a leading expert) and visibility (thousands/millions of people seeing your name and your company’s name).

The #1 thing the media HATES is being sold to. They do not want your advertising disguised as a press release, and they immediately can tell when your press release is actually an ad where you are trying to sell your product or service. Focus your press release on a major and shocking industry problem and 3 innovative tips on how to solve it. In your press release, you are an expert giving expert advice to help the people who have the problem you are explaining how to solve. You are not a business selling products/services. You are an expert giving free advice.

The media sees an endless sea of press releases every single day and they ONLY consider press release stories that they are sure will grab the attention of the majority of their readers/listeners/viewers. Therefore, if you want to generate major publicity that is seen by potentially millions of people, your story needs to jump out and grab a person’s attention. To do this, you need to scare people, shock people, wow people and be outrageous! You need to create (make-up) a story that makes people say, “Oh my God!” when they read/hear the headline. If your headline and story are not shocking and do not instantly grab a person’s attention, the mass media will ignore your press release.

The media is not interested in average and boring, and over 99% of the press releases they receive are average and boring. The media wants shock and awe. They want outrageous. They want “Oh My God!” big stories. If you do not make your press release an “Oh My God!” story, you will most likely get zero publicity. Spending a few more hours or even a few more days to be creative and make-up a high interest “Oh my God” press release story will be the difference between you and your business getting millions of dollars worth of free publicity and being seen by millions of people compared to getting little to no publicity. And here is a bit of shocking news for you: Most big outrageous news stories are made-up in the imagination of the person writing the press release. Much of our “news” is actually completely made-up stories by people/businesses trying to generate publicity. For example, much of the shocking news and rumors you read about celebrities is completely made-up by the celebrity and/or their publicist and is sent to the media by their publicist to generate publicity for the celebrity. So, don’t wait until you have “real” news. Create news. Invent news. If you do not know how to imagine and write outrageous news stories to generate free publicity for you and your business, hire a creative PR expert who does.

5. If you want to get a far better response to your press release, follow-up with every media outlet you sent your press release to by phone and/or email to re-pitch the story. Your focus with the email and phone call follow-up is on your shocking headline (problem) and your 3 ways to solve the problem. You may want to use something like, “Hi, I am calling because I have a great news story for (Your Shocking Headline) and I wanted to see if this story interests you?” If they say, “no”, move on to the next media outlet.

6. Bonus tip. Recycle your press releases. One of the great things about press releases where you define a major problem and then list 3 tips for how to solve that problem, is as long as that problem is still relevant, you can recycle your press releases by changing the headline and rewording your tips and then re-submitting that press release to media outlets 2-3 times a year.

Now ask yourself, would you rather invest 5-20 hours of your time to create a shocking high-interest 1-page press release story that has the potential to generate millions of dollars in free publicity for you and your company or would you rather just invest one million dollars in paid advertising? Our planet’s 24x7x365 global news network is always in desperate need for shocking high-interest news stories. All you need to do is be creative and invent those shocking news stories, share them with the media, and reap the benefits of receiving massive publicity. People no smarter than you are doing it every day and you can too.

To your success!