Labor Day is three weeks away, not too late to start pitching guest posts to bloggers, and story ideas to traditional media.

Tip #12 on my 50 Tips for Free Publicity board on Pinterest, to piggyback a story idea about your business onto an upcoming holiday, is perfect for Labor Day.

Here are five ideas on how publicists and do-it-yourself Publicity Hounds can generate publicity using the Labor Day tie-in:

  • Has your hobby turned into a labor of love and a business? Many people who love making homemade pastries for their friends, or woodworking in the basement, or stripping furniture in the garage have turned their hobbies into part-time or full-time businesses.
  • Labor Day is the perfect time for a guest blog post that deals with any aspect of labor or the workforce. Bloggers will welcome your ideas because long holiday weekends are a particularly difficult time to provide fresh content. The presidential election will be in full swing after Labor Day, so if you’re promoting an issue or a political viewpoint, tie it to the election and make that part of your pitch.
  • My friend, TV producer Shawne Duperon, says TV stations love covering the story of a CEO who changes jobs with one of his or her employees the Friday before Labor Day.
  • Businesses large and small: Do you have an employee who has never missed a day of work? If so, pitch it! Just make sure the employee has no qualms about media interviews, or appearing on camera.
  • Hospitals: Have you noticed a trend in your labor room?

Next up: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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