A reporter’s inbox can be filled with countless pitches on any given day, upping the ante for any PR who wants their pitch to stand out from all the rest. While a timely, targeted, cleverly written pitch is a great way to get the attention you’re seeking for your campaign, in many cases adding video as a means of communicating your message can give your pitch the extra visibility you need.

Leveraging the communicative power of video builds a richer experience for your audience, especially with journalists and influencers who are looking to connect with your brand. Creating engaging video content that incorporates useful information can serve as a building block for a successful inbound public relations program. There are great benefits to incorporating video into your PR program and with so many great tools available, getting started is a lot easier than you may think.

Here are 5 simple ways to start incorporating video into your PR communications program:

1) Enhance a press release: You’ve taken the time to craft a press release announcing a new product, a new executive, or a recent acquisition. Reinforce your message with a relevant video—a product demonstration, a personal message straight from the executive, or a company overview—to increase the impact of your message and connect with your audience.

2) Pitch your story: Create a powerful press kit using video to tell your story to the media in a more compelling way. A video of your company’s timelines and accomplishments will leave more of a lasting impression than text-only. Instead of just telling them why they should care (and write about your company), show them!

3) Enrich your online press room: Incorporate video into the “News” or “Press Room” section of your corporate website. Supplement static text with relevant, visually appealing video content to differentiate your company and story to the media community.

4) Launch a product: Use video to introduce/demonstrate your product. A short video (aim for 2 – 3 minutes) can incorporate your marketing message, competitive differentiators and value proposition in a more compelling way than any amount of text.

5) Create your own company breaking news channel: Leverage broadcast clips, news coverage, and relevant videos to create your own web channel. Or produce your own video content with internal experts sharing their unique views, making your web channel the go-to resource for breaking news stories about your company and industry.

Adapted from “5 Simple Ways to Start Using Video in Your PR Program” by Jenn Rothenberg, original post appeared on Thomson Reuters PR blog, July 20, 2011.