Growing and improving your brand’s online presence is imperative to your success as a company. Good content will help you secure consumers and improve your bottom line.

Bad content, on the other hand, will drive away your current audience and stop your growth dead in its tracks. If you want to create unique content that sells, here are five expert tips you should follow:

1) Make It Meaningful

Your audience sees disruptive, annoying advertisements every day. They are sick of this kind of content, and they crave something more valuable and meaningful.

If you want to write things that resonate with your audience, you might need to change your perspective. In the words of Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author and online influencer, “content is not always for advertising.” Although its ultimate goal is to improve your bottom line, your revenue isn’t the only factor you should consider during the writing process.

2) Partner With Top-Notch Companies

If you want to improve your online brand visibility, partner with a thought-leading company or individual in your space. Also, make sure your relationship is a win-win. Offer up your greatest skill in exchange for some of their reach and resources.

According to Sari Gabbay, CEO and creative director of U2R1 Media, you can also increase your reach by partnering with a charitable organization. “Get your staff and team out there helping out with a soup kitchen, throw an event and split the proceeds or host an auction,” says Gabbay.

3) Be Authentic

People want to work with people, not big brands. If you can make your brand identity one of a real, live person instead of a corporation, your audience will be more likely to help you reach your business goals.

Speaking from first-hand experience, says Lucas Miller, founder and CEO of Echelon Copy, “Think about the people you most enjoy spending your weekends with—they’re at least somewhat like you, right? Call it ‘authenticity’ or ‘relatability,’ but whatever you want to call it, being an approachable brand is massive for improving online appeal. Your prospective audience wants to feel comfortable. Don’t overthink things. Be yourself to make it happen.”

4) Think About Media

The old cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true when it comes to the Internet. Words are powerful, but words accompanied by images are king. If you want your audience to connect with your brand, share text and photos with them that they’ll appreciate.

For inspiration, look no further than Museum of Ice Cream’s Instagram account by 25-year-old entrepreneur Maryellis Bunn. From top to bottom, the entire exhibit is about as picture-perfect as it gets.

In a recent NYMag article, Bunn stated: “The way in which we are able to have our visitors physically, tangibly, sensually engage with brands has a return on investment that no ad could ever come close to.” She’s created a space where individuals can see new things and post viral-worthy shots of their experiences.

5) Manage Your Image

You want to increase your brand’s online presence in a good way. The messages about your company should be those of praise—not disdain.

To make this a reality, you’ll need to do some grassroots work. Look for unhappy customers or unresolved issues online and reach out to the people involved. If you do wrong, make it right and manage your image in the process.

Bill Gates was wise when he said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” Gates understands that good PR is the key to long-term brand success.

Getting to Work

Now you know some tips and tricks from the best in the industry, it’s time to put them to good use. Add them to your current marketing plan one by one and see what they can do. Keep an eye on your metrics and put more energy and funding into the strategies that work for your company.

It’ll take time for people to connect with what you have to say, but the five tips above will certainly help expedite the process. Before you know it, you’ll find that your brand’s positive presence is growing and people are talking about your company more than ever before.