Remember the days when we read the newspaper over a cup of coffee every morning and watched the evening news on TV? We were quite happy to get our news just once a day. That’s no longer the case. Now we expect to see eye-witness accounts of events as they are occurring. This appetite for instant visual news has changed the way news is gathered, reported and consumed.

While this is not good news for the media, it has opened many new opportunities for businesses and organizations: brands can become a content resource for the media (earned media), publish their own news, (owned media/brand journalism) and buy space for branded content on news and social sites (paid media).

  1. Visual story telling – studies show that adding visuals to news content increases views by as much as 9x
  2. Become a resource for the media – collaborate with reporters, offer experts, research and visual material to support a story
  3. Brand journalism – think like a publisher and write your own stories
  4. Have an intelligent distribution plan – build a network of influencers who can give your content legs
  5. House our content in a social newsroom that has all the tools and features journalists and bloggers need.

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