Recently, our WordWrite team attended the annual PRSA Renaissance Awards of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Pittsburgh chapter, which recognize the stellar work of PR agencies and professionals in our home region.

There were nearly 50 winners in nearly a dozen categories. From the audience I saw just a snippet of these campaigns, yet it struck me: PR professionals and agencies bring great value to an organization. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business or nonprofit, public relations can help you achieve your business goals. Below are four ways PR professionals can bring value to your business.

1. We’re creative

PR professionals are people who love to consume the media. We don’t focus on just one outlet or subject. We have a long list of media that we follow. Why? Because we’re constantly thinking of new ideas for our clients. PR professionals make it a daily habit to brainstorm, write, re-write and think of ways to tell stories in creative and innovative ways.

2. We have direct connections to the media

PR professionals make value the “relations” in public relations. We work diligently to establish relationships, especially with the media. Most PR professionals develop contacts in their home city and across the country. By establishing ourselves as credible sources, journalists often turn to us for assistance with their stories. This is one way to get your business can get in front of your target audience.


3. We use tools that make your life easier

As with many industries, the PR field has great software tools to make our jobs easier. As PR pros, we make the most of these tools. These tools can help your company target the right journalists and media outlets, keep track of your media mentions, analyze your social media efforts and even keep an eye on your competitors.

As someone who has worked inside an organization without access to these tools, they save time and eliminate headaches to produce and track results.

Bonus: by hiring a PR firm, you get an entire team of PR professionals with a variety of experience, additional relationships and the ability to collaborate. With a PR firm, your return on investment is higher because you got a team as opposed to just one PR professional.

4. We offer an objective eye

Sometimes you need outside perspective to help you figure things out, whether it’s a strategy, dealing with a crisis or helping you prioritize your goals. Hiring a firm provides an ongoing relationship in which you feel comfortable sharing your ideas, your achievements, your fears and anything else that is on your mind. Our experience working with many organizations gives us the expertise and experience to help you think through problems and strategically plan for the future.

Photo Credit: Pixabay