3 Simple Ways to Make Your PR Campaign More Effective

You’ve just launched a huge initiative and garnered some great press! Now what? Do you leave the rest up to the media, and the whims of your audience?

As much as you want your press to be evergreen, it won’t reach immortality without a little (really, a lot) of strategic planning.

In this post, we’ll examine three way you can extend the life of your PR campaign by using:

  • Your email in various ways
  • Social Media

PR Campaign Tip #1: Make Use of Newsletters

If you’re not already using email as a marketing powerhouse, you’re missing out.

“Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.” ~ Quicksprout

You might wonder if you’re bothering your contacts by sending them regular emails. A good open rate is anything above 15%, and a good click through rate is anything over 2%.

That means that if you send your email to 10,000 contacts, only about 1,500 actually open it, and around 30 people actually click on it. However, those 1,500 who are engaged may vary from email to email, depending on your content. And those that do open are more viable leads.

Looking at it that way, do you want to send regular newsletters to your contacts? Absolutely!

Keep them informed of industry news, new content you’ve created, and by all means, let them know about the recent press you’ve received!

By doing this, you’ll build credibility, boost thought leadership, and ultimately drive more leads to your site.

PR Campaign Tip #2: Use Your Email Signature as a Billboard

When you send a non-automated email, you likely have a digital signature. However, this doesn’t have to remain static. If you’re offering a new ebook, include in your signature line a CTA to the landing page for your content.

“You know that you’re a true email marketer if every single one of your emails includes a call-to-action.” ~Magdalena Georgieva

The same can be done with your recent press. “Check out what the New York Times had to say about…”

It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Even a text-only line will add to your credibility. If you wish to play it up visually, you can add a CTA graphic. Not sure how to do that? Check out some instructions here.

A benefit to including a CTA in your signature line is that you’re providing an unobtrusive form of self-promotion. Someone may not click but with repetition your message will gradually seep in at the same time you’re builidng B2B thought leadership.

Pr Campaign Tip #3: Make Good Use of Social Media

Sharing your press once or twice on social media is not going to garner much attention. However, a well-planned social media strategy will boost exposure for your recent press.

What are some basic principles to keep in mind regarding social media?

Facebook is great for sharing news about your company, or other casual news. You can even share a link to your newsroom, highlighting your press releases. Native posts are favored by Facebook so avoid using schedulers, such as Hootsuite. Also avoid posting the same material more than 1-3 times. A rule of thumb: Once upon release, then again a couple weeks after, and then the following month.

Twitter is a perfect place to share your recent press. And unlike Facebook, scheduling the same, or similar tweet, several times is perfectly acceptable.

LinkedIn, as far as the B2B world, is perhaps the ideal place to mention your press if you want to use it to generate leads. Many B2B companies report that up to 80% of their leads come from LinkedIn. However, you’ll need to use caution, since, as a general rule, you shouldn’t post more than once per day on LinkedIn.

Yes, you can make the most of your B2B press by using these three simple tips:

  • Highlighting your press in a newsletter
  • Sharing your press in your signature line
  • Boosting your press in social media

Want to keep these and other B2B PR campaign tips handy? Download my free checklist below!