Whether it’s holiday treats or a mid-summer batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies, we all love homemade baked goods. I consider myself to be a pretty serious home chef, and during my latest foray into baking, I learned a few lessons that could also be applied to a public relations strategy. These tips and tricks can save you from repeating a mistake that impacted the entire batch and potentially help boost your business’ ability to use public relations to help your business grow.

  1. Plan Ahead: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail and the same sentiment rings true for using public relations to market your business. Prior to implementing public relations tactics, be sure to have a crisis communication plan in place and a specific person as the media contact for the duration of the campaign.
  2. Check for Errors: Checking the batter before you bake can help save an entire batch! Prior to publishing marketing materials included in a public relations strategy, be sure to have multiple editors proofread them for any errors. Publishing materials or online content cluttered with mistakes can cost the company money and negatively impact the overall brand image of your business.
  3. Share the Product: Yummy home-baked goods are most satisfying when shared. Sending an amazing press release can be a fantastic way to spread news about your small business, however offering samples of a product or giving media the opportunity to experience one of your services can boost the chances of earning press coverage from a wide variety of media outlets and blogs. Be sure to keep a log of all samples sent or services offered for review and follow up with outlets to see if they’ll agree to feature your small business in a story or post.

Whether you’re promoting an innovative product or unique service at your small business, taking the time to perform quality checks for the public relations strategy can help save time and money in the long run.