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Over 2.1 million negative1 mentions about businesses are made on Social Media every day in the U.S, and nearly half of all digital buyers worldwide2 state reading reviews, comments, and feedback on Social Media influences their shopping behavior.

Managing your online reputation is just as important as sending out a postcard of coupons or posting a sales special on Facebook.

Your reputation on social media revolves around the community you build and the content you publish.3

Improving Your Online Reputation

Tip #1: Listen Socially

To improve and maintain your online reputation you need to monitor Social Media for mentions of your business, also known as “Social Listening.” This allows you to gauge how others view your products and perceive your business.

Review online reviews, monitor mentions of your business, review your own Social analytics and learn what it is that consumers want and what they may have negative feelings about. Once you understand your audience, you can adjust your Social content to relate to your followers, as well as understanding what you may need to change within your business model.

Tip #2: Create & Post High-Quality Content

Brands with strong reputations often excel at the same thing on social media: producing content that people want to consume and share.4

Posting any information or too much sales information will turn people off of your account, if not your business. People don’t want to be sold to on Social Media.

When curating content for your Social updates, it’s important to create content that will benefit your audience. To keep people interested in what you have to say, “you need to be a constant source of useful and valuable content, whether it’s educational, entertaining, or inspiring. No matter what purpose your content serves, make it sound human and keep it relevant to your brand.”5

It is then necessary to spend as much time reviewing the analytics for your content than it is finding relevant content. Listen socially to the responses to your content and continue with the content strategy that resonates with your audience.

Tip #3: Use Social Advertising

There is a lot of competition for Social real estate. There are a lot of people and businesses competing for attention. Additionally, the Social platforms keep updating and tweaking their algorithms, so just when you master the algorithm and increase your engagement and reach, the site changes the algorithm.

Using Social Ads can help to improve your visibility and increase organic reach. Using advertising is the best way to ensure your content reaches a large and highly targeted audience of potential consumers.

This audience may not even know your business exists, but once they see your ad, it may push them to follow your business and consider purchasing from you in the future.

More Than Online Activity

Digital Marketing is so much more than just posting an update on Facebook or sending out a monthly email newsletter. Your business needs to make sure your reputation is positive online, and you need to take steps to ensure a positive online reputation.

The bottom-line is if you want to grow your customer base and generate sales you need to take the necessary steps to ensure a positive Social Media and online reputation.