Once widely used by businesses as a way to boost visibility and interest in local and national markets, press releases are now believed to be an outdated approach, according to some modern industry opinions. However, when used right and timed appropriately, they can still be valuable tools for an organization. Here are 10 reasons why the press release still matters.

While some modern opinions might believe that press releases are outdated, what’s one reason you might still want to write a press release today?

1. Introductions to New Audiences

Make no mistake: the media environment is crowded and journalists tend to write about topics tailored to their beat. By definition, a press release is intended to reach the largest number of people possible, which may seem like a waste of time in light of these trends. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we continue to reach outside our network to introduce ourselves to new audiences. Carrie Rich, The Global Good Fund

2. Credibility Boost

Credibility! Lots of people look at press releases as credible. They are also sometimes picked up by LinkedIn as news, which helps to spread your reach and shows your audience that someone is talking about you. Shawn Freeman, TWT Group

3. Media Relationships

No matter how much things may have changed, a relationship with journalists and the media in general is still needed, and almost required. Most of those folks still look for and read press releases when trying to identify content. Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

4. Instant Recognition

There are better marketing options in today’s digital world, but such opportunities are taken by companies with big marketing budgets. If you’re a small-business owner with limited marketing funds, a localized press release campaign can give you instant recognition. Also, a press release can kick off your marketing campaign, leading to more sales at the end of the day. Samuel Thimothy, OneIMS

5. Platform for Large Releases

I think press releases are great for massive releases. If you’re introducing one or two products or a small update to your software, there’s no reason for a release. But if you’ve just unleashed a revamped version of your plugin or added a brand new catalog of products, you may want to consider publishing a press release on your blog and social media. Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

6. Increased SEO Score

With over 63,000 searches per second, a high-quality press release increases your SEO score by generating highly valued links from natural pages, news sources and blogs. Search algorithms look for well-written content that naturally incorporates keywords, and high-quality links in your press releases can get better exposure, thereby increasing the SEO score. Kelly Richardson, Infobrandz

7. Context Around Your Brand

Creating a press release no longer helps you build backlinks to your website, but it can still create context around your brand and content. This creates an indirect impact on how people and algorithms view your brand online and ultimately helps you create a strong presence, especially when you use press releases in an ethical manner. Blair Williams, MemberPress

8. Generates Interest

Press releases help businesses build brand awareness and spread the word about their company. They’re great at inciting interest in new customers and encouraging them to check out your products and services. Just because fewer companies use them today doesn’t mean they don’t provide value and boost conversions. If you want to get the word out, then publishing a press release is a solid move. Jared Atchison, WPForms

9. Cost-Effective

I would love to write a press release because it can help create awareness for my business. I can use it to make news and generate publicity, letting people know about my business. Besides, it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

10. Formal Format

Press releases still matter because your audience consists of varied groups of people. You need to create content not just for your direct consumers, but also for parties like journalists, researchers and others. Press releases allow you to present your brand in a way that reflects well on your business and makes an official, formal statement — something that isn’t fitting on social media. Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner