It is no secret that running a business of any size is hard work, but many start-up owners fail to realise how time-consuming a process admin can be.

From managing accounts and payroll to even keeping on top of communication, without the right tools and strategies, it is easy to get bogged down in administrative tasks – which means you aren’t focusing your energy and attention on the areas that need you the most.

Here are three key tips to remember if you are looking to maximise your time at work – as every small business owner knows, time is money. A common concern is how much these strategies might cost to implement – but luckily, there are lots of inexpensive solutions you may wish to consider.

Payroll systems and accounting software

There comes a point in the cycle of every growing business when manually managing payroll becomes a cumbersome process.

This is where accounting software can be incredibly beneficial, but it is important to give the matter careful consideration to see which system is the best one for you. There are even software options designed specifically for growing businesses – you may want to consider a system that is able to accommodate any future expansion plans you may have.

You should also choose a software that has comprehensive reporting features – this will ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips and will save you the trouble of compiling these figures manually. Look for balance sheet reporting, revenue statements and perhaps even inventory or sales reports – all of which can give you an efficient idea of what is going on.

Account management

When you are first starting out, it is easy to keep track of your clients and contacts, ongoing projects and deadlines on your own – and maybe even in your head! But as your business grows, this is not a feasible or practical solution – you wouldn’t want to miss anything, and you will want to keep your client and contact information organised in a practical and more long-term way.

Therefore, the earlier your company adopts an organised, efficient customer relationship management (CRM) solution, the better. There are several different software providers that may have suitable offerings – you may prefer to use one that allows you to set reminders when certain tasks need to be completed, such as invoices, orders and even the occasional phone call or email to check in with your contacts.

Some systems have features where your staff can share calendars and tasks with each other for more effective collaboration.

Conference calls

There are plenty of great free services out there to help you run your growing business more effectively. For example, conference calls are an easy way to improve the way you communicate with your team members, client and suppliers, and some providers offer free calls.

These calls can be beneficial for ad hoc meetings, as well as weekly sales meetings, brainstorming sessions and team meetups. Whether you are running a presentation, carrying out a performance review or organising a scheduled meeting, free conference calling can help you save time and money, as travel costs and the expense associated with hiring meeting rooms will be eliminated. Click here to find out more about free conference call services.