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Product Management

Managing a product’s lifecycle can be challenging in an ever changing environment. Check out these product management tips and best practices.

How to Improve E-Commerce Through Efficient Supply Chain Strategies

A successful business strategy requires more than on-the-spot, knee-jerk reactions. Strategies need to encompass a company's goals and future objectives.…

John Allen
January 10, 2021
Product Management

4 Effective Strategies for Selling to Wholesale Customers

Are you looking for a way to make more money with your online store? If so, you may want to…

Syed Balkhi
January 8, 2021
Product Management

How to Write a Product Description That Sells

It’s no secret that strong product descriptions are an essential part of marketing. The product description is one of the…

Gabrielle Hass
January 7, 2021
Product Management

4 Important Tips for a Successful Product Launch

The day you launch your product is a big one for your business. After a lot of hard work and…

Chris Christoff
January 4, 2021
Product Management

To Product Creators: We Don’t Purchase Things But Better Versions of Ourselves

Digital product creators all over the world are bothered by the same question - how to build for continuity? How…

Dana Kachan
December 14, 2020
Product Management

5 Pillars of Effective Supply Chain Management

Third-party organizations that supply goods and services to a business are so commonplace these days that we often forget how…

Angela Hausman, PhD
December 13, 2020
Product Management

Ship Like Santa: Your Guide to 2020 Holiday Shipping and Delivery

Make your list and check it twice, because it’s been a record breaking year for online sales. So this holiday…

Andrew Madeira-Silva
November 24, 2020
Product Management

6 Remote Mobile Product Manager Tips

This year has been interesting to say the least. With most companies transitioning to part-time (if not full-time) remote work,…

Madeleine Wilson
November 16, 2020
Product Management

Metrics for a Product Launch

A component that can be overlooked in product launch planning and execution is establishing the metrics that you and your…

Christa Tuttle
November 9, 2020
Product Management

How Email Can Help You Manage the Dreaded Backorder

Ecommerce customers are used to getting what they want, when they want. And with any delay like a backorder, you…

Jake Rheude
November 2, 2020
Product Management

Why is Software Testing Considered a Tough Job?

Usually, testers are responsible to identify all the mess created by developers in a system. No matter how experienced the…

Ray Parker
November 1, 2020
Product Management

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