Branding Packaging Allows You to Excite Customers and Improve Products’ Value

E-commerce packaging doesn’t always get a lot of love, but it can make all the difference to the success of a brand and enjoyment by customers. It’s one of the most under-utilized marketing tools for any online brand, but we’re here to help you take advantage of it.

A branded packaging experience presents your products in a very specific, planned way that excites customers as soon as the box arrives. Smart packaging builds anticipation for opening the current order and creates a desire to repeat that experience, meaning another order.

Increasing Value Through Packaging

The e-commerce experience doesn’t end with the sale or the arrival of a package. It continues through the experience of opening your packaging and using your products. That means packaging not only presents an opportunity to increase your value, but it can also potentially cause you to lose a customer.

The perceived value of your product can shift as soon as a customer opens your box. If a $100 bottle of perfume came in a standard box, wrapped in butcher paper, you might start questioning the price you paid. When materials look common, lack branding, or don’t fit the style of the product, perceived value can drop.

Avoid this concern by using custom boxes, wrapping, and tissue that all create a consistent visual. This will also give you a better chance of creating repeat customers.

One recent study found that:
· 52% of consumers are more likely to repeat an online purchase if it arrives in premium packaging.
· 40% of consumers say they would share a picture of an online order via social media if it comes in a branded or gift-like box.

Please the Eco-ConsciousiStock_000015884862_Large

The fastest way to alienate your environmentally focused consumers is to send them a very small item in a very big box. The wasted space not only drives up your costs, but is clearly a waste of space. You’ll also have to pay for even more packing materials.If your marketing team has worked hard on presentation, even that can be lost as the small item tumbles around in a large box during transit.

Your packaging and fulfillment partner should be able to provide options that not only have the right-sized boxes for your products, but should also support custom boxes emblazoned with your logo.

Pairing the right box with your logo can create an instant impression of environmental thoughtfulness whenever your product arrives at a customer’s door.

Extra Marketing Opportunities Through Packaging

Smart packaging for beloved new products can even help you capitalize on the “unboxing” trend.

If you’re not focusing on this segment, you could be missing out on some premium exposure for your company and its products. Consider this: he top YouTube unboxing channel of 2014 earned more than $4.8 million from its videos, which picked up 380 million monthly views. That’s more views and greater video monetization than Taylor Swift.

Now, not every company is going to be able to target the “unboxing” top earners right away. However, there are plenty of opportunities for your marketing team to make a big impact with custom packaging.

Every second of screen time can be branded if you take advantage of specialty wrapping, such as custom logo tissue paper for infills, branded stickers, and pamphlets laid on top of this packaging. Creating a memorable packaging and unboxing experience is a major boon to e-commerce brands, and it requires the support of your fulfillment service. Custom boxes, tissue papers, fillers, stickers, notes, and even the proper placement of a business card can all improve the value of your goods.