Whenever you release a new product to the world or plan to redesign an existing one it’s important that you understand the route you wish to take for this said product.

We like to plan ahead for the business as a whole, however setting out to make a road map for a single product is never fully considered. In order to adapt, refresh and grow the product you need to have measurable results and future targets to chase in order to keep the idea and product viable.

Quarterly Road Maps – We run the majority of business metrics on quarters and realistically this is an ideal way to aim for goals in terms of time and distance. So for every new quarter set out to plan your targets for the quarter ahead, ensure these plans are in depth and scalable. Having targets that are achievable is great but remember that if you want to see exponential growtMetricsh some quarters need to have very high aiming targets.

Match targets to growth aims.

With a new product the phrase ‘it will be ready when it’s ready’ is a very common phrase to use. This matches up with the quarterly dates, keeping to set & strict dates keeps people busy and active, more importantly you have target. If you are target driven you’ll put a lot more emphasis on hitting those goals on the date specified. 

Year Ahead Road Map – Having quarterly goals and road mapping for the smaller time scale is the highest of priorities however looking at the year ahead will give you some more focus as to the path you product should be taking. Remaining nimble and adaptable is the main difference between a product that succeeds and fails.

The yearly goals should be matters that don’t really need to take up much of your current mindshare as you specifically try to deal with the quarterly goals. Yearly goals are the bigger picture and should generally be considered the dream product if you had the need resources.

Mind ‘Share’ Mapping – Once you have that buzz of new ideas there is the inevitable problem of your mind going into overload with add-ons and different ideas of expansion. Along with this ‘problem’ so to speak you will also begin to misplace and lose those great ideas.

Stay focused on the short term, date driven targets but keep the creativity and excitement going by noting down all of the ideas. Setting them aside and from time to time check back with the yearly road map you can keep the product adaptable to changing situations. The thing with ideas today is that we may subconsciously begin to pick out trends and realise that the product could join into another market group.

The road map is now the important part of keeping your product viable and adaptable to your current situation. The importance of it is great and its vital you stick to the mapping route, as it limits the mistakes and headaches for the future.