Do you have a business, but want to add a brand new product to your catalog?

It doesn’t matter if you have an existing well-known brand, or are starting your very first business, consumers can become skeptical of new products and services. The more time you spend nurturing your leads and ensuring customer success, the better chance you’ll have at launching your next big idea.

Today we are going to look at several tips you can use to prepare for a new product launch. Our tips start with the logical first step, customer research, and ends with some post-launch advice. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to grow their brand and build meaningful connections with their leads when releasing a new product on the marketplace.

Let’s get started!

Research Your Target Audience

Imagine trying to create a new product or service, but you don’t know much about the people who will benefit most from the release. Sounds nearly impossible, right?

The truth is, if you don’t understand your target audience, you’re going to have a hard time finding success. In-depth audience research will help you learn more about consumers, which helps you make smart design and marketing decisions.

There are plenty of ways you can look at your target audience and figure out ways to incorporate more of their needs into your product design.

For example, if you have an existing email marketing firm, and want to create a form builder for your users, you could start researching by creating a poll on-site and on social media. Asking consumers about the form builders they are currently using, what features they wish were available, and if they are willing to switch, can help you make an assessment about what your finished product should include when it hits the market.

If you’re starting your first business, you’re going to want to spend some time in niche-related social media groups and forums. Talking to people will help you understand their needs and pain points, which can help you spark an effective launch, even if you are getting ready to launch your website.

Use Your Email List

Email marketing has a staggering 4,400% return on investment, making it one of the best ways to grow your business and get your users ready for a new release.

The key is to find ways to use your email campaign to get subscribers to check out what you’ve been working on before it hits the market. You could send out beta tests for followers if you’re prepping the release of a new service. Subscribers are already invested in your brand, and the chance to try something new could encourage them to give you feedback, which you can add before the final release.

Want to leave some room for mystery? Create a drip campaign that slowly feeds information to your followers leading up to launch day. As it gets closer to the final date, you’ll see more people opening your emails, engaging with your brand, and visiting your website.

If you’re starting your first business, create a lead magnet that entices customers to subscribe to your list for the first time. You can create a unique piece of content, or you can offer a special promotion to consumers that sign up before your site goes live.

Try combining a coming soon page with an email optin for even more interactions on your site before launch.

Create Relevant Content

Content marketing encompasses everything from email, social media, and your blog. Users that come to your website for the first time expect to see plenty of relevant content. Surveys reveal that 72 percent of marketers claim that creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy increased their brand engagement.

Business owners and marketers promoting new products need to see engagement on their social media and website if they want a successful launch.

First, you should create a blog where you post content regularly. Your posts should focus on your products and industry as a whole. Let’s go back to the email marketing firm we mentioned earlier. If you wanted to create an excellent content marketing strategy for your brand, you would create a blog that focuses on generating leads, analyzing analytics, and improving email copy and email.

When users land on your website, they will see that you’re more than just an online store — you’re a resource that can improve their lives. Consumers look for businesses that solve pain points and make life easy. Your content needs to accomplish these two things if you want to see a successful product launch.

Now you can take user feedback and comments on your content, and use that information to create products that align with the needs of your customers. The next time you tease a new product or put out a press release, you can bet that more people will want to engage with your brand.

Show Social Proof and Engagement Post-Launch

Finally, let’s talk about several ways you can ensure the successful launch of your product post-release.

Once you make the announcement and put your creation in the hands of users, it’s vital that you spend plenty of time engaging with your audience. Hang out on social media, respond to customer emails, and always answer comments on your blog posts.

You can learn a lot about your target audience and how to improve future releases by monitoring feedback and keeping consumers interested in new developments.

Within the feedback, you’ll likely see plenty of consumer reviews. Believe it or not, 88 percent of people are influenced by the reviews that they read online. You’ll want to actively share and promote users that say good things about your release and product as a whole. The accumulation of positive feedback results in social proof for your brand.

Sharing feedback from users on social media is just the beginning. If you take the time to add a review function to your website, you can see a dramatic increase in conversions on-site.

These tips will help you get started and help give you an edge regardless of your experience with releasing new products and services.