When your customers have a great experience ordering and receiving your products, they give you all the credit. A Premier Fulfillment Partner should impress the online shoppers and make your company look outstanding. What happens behind the scenes is irrelevant to the customer, and if the order arrives in a timely manner and meets the buyer’s expectations, then you look like the polished company they can count on.

There are some keys points you can consider and give your customers what they want.

  • Quick Shipping with the Right Package. Customers expect their orders to be processed quickly. By reducing any unnecessary packing materials your fulfillment partner may be able to help you manage optimized packaging/shipping and increase the speed in production. Creative options that also enhance the buyers experience may be possible. Talk with your fulfillment provider about different styles of boxes and packing materials that may streamline your shipping.
  • High Touch Customer Service. Formal training and expertise in your products helps your call center make you look good. Patience, knowledge and customer care is what your customers are looking for and your call center should provide. No matter the hour of the day your customers should expect your customer experience enforcers to be professional at all times. When a customer completes a call with a customer service representative they know if they received a special level of care. Strategize how to offer a “high touch” experience.
  • High Accuracy. Fast shipping and great customer service won’t matter if the orders are not packed accurately. Expectations among online shoppers are growing. They expect to receive everything right the first time. Your fulfillment partner should have an inventory accuracy goal above 99%.With rates that high your customers know they can keep coming back for the same quality service.