UmzugskartonIf you operate a business and have a small warehouse space, you may feel that your business growth is limited. The truth is that the size of your warehouse should never have an effect on the growth of your business. With today’s automation, anything is possible and, if you have a good automated warehouse, your business will be able to grow quickly and efficiently.

Organized Inventory

The key to success in your warehouse is going to be how well you can organize your inventory. Inventory should be stocked neatly and, if possible, according to popularity. In other words, if you have a couple of items that are high sellers, these should be stored in a place that is nearby for your packers. Less popular items can be in harder to reach areas. You also have to organize it in a way that makes the most of a small space. This will require you to utilize all space, including the space that is near the top of the ceiling. Investing in solid warehouse shelving is a must in order to use all of the available space.

Automated Inventory Control

One of the first steps you can take to for a good automated warehouse is to invest in an automated inventory control system. Using barcodes, each time an item is scanned, it will automatically add or subtract from the inventory totals. This makes the ordering process much smoother as you can generate reports with this software. Controlling inventory means you won’t be clogging up your space with too much inventory at once.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) will basically consist of several computerized pieces that will help you to retrieve and put away large loads. While many often think that this type of system will take up too much space, quality systems can be designed for an automated warehouse, big or small. The benefits are many, including reducing the cost of damage and potential theft. How many times have you had one of your employees get to the top shelves in your warehouse only to drop the item or nearly fall themselves? This AS/RS will reduce employee injuries in the warehouse and allow you to keep stacking those boxes on shelving, no matter how high it gets.

Each one of the above strategies is going to allow a higher production level without the need to acquire more space for your warehouse. Getting organized will allow for a quick retrieval time, even without an AS/RS in place. An inventory management system will allow you to keep only the necessary inventory in stock. When your system sees it getting low it will automatically place a reorder for you. You will never have overstock taking up your space. Finally, the AS/RS is going to help everything in the warehouse get done quicker in your smaller space. For the majority of business owners already using these strategies, the outcome has been a high production rate, less expenses, and the continuation of utilizing the smallest warehouse possible.