Fleet tracking is the simple tracking of vehicles through a GPS system. It has widely been proven to assist businesses in fully enhancing the performance of their fleet. Typically, fleet managers have even been known to see a tremendous reduction in costs within just days of the installment of a GS fleet tracking system. There is a wide range of top reasons to use vehicle tracking on your fleet.

Reduction in Fuel Costs

Fleet tracking assists businesses in making their vehicles much more efficient by reducing excess in speeding, idling, or unauthorized usage. With optimized routes, a business can greatly improve schedules and decrease the costs of fuel. Speeding and idling both waste fuel. However, with GPS tracking, alerts, and maps, it will easily show a fleet manager those employees who speed and where they are speeding.

Unnecessary wastes of fuel such as speeding and idling can be greatly reduced by regulating the total number of minutes that a driver is permitted to idle. This significantly decreases business costs due to fuel expenses. With fleet tracking, businesses are provided the unique opportunity to even notify drivers with alerts instantly.

By determining when your company’s vehicles are being used for non-business purposes, you can substantially improve the efficiency of your fleet. The vast majority of these fleet tracking systems also offer the capability to set customized hours that your vehicles can be utilized. This will effectively track improper use of company vehicles and report the data back to you.

With the benefits of a fleet tracking system, you also will receive the chance to completely optimize every route. It will assist you in determining whether a trip has been wasteful as well as specific routing that can assign advanced routes to your vehicles. The proactive and intuitive technology is a must for the vehicles in your fleet.

Increase in Productivity

A fleet tracking system permits a business to enhance the dispatching process by ensuring that the proper driver is dispatched to every job. With the careful insight received, a dispatcher can easily and quickly identify the most efficient routes for specific drivers. During particular weather conditions, this can be a major necessity for your drivers by giving your dispatch team the ability to reroute a driver or a fleet instantly.

Reduction of Labor Costs

Without the worries of time sheets, you no longer need to deal with punch card disputes. Your drivers are reported at the start of their shift, along with the stops made and time of completion. By monitoring your fleet, you will cut out those workers who may be finding less productive ways to pass company time. This will greatly improve your labor costs as well as the life and efficiency of your vehicle or fleet.

Improvement in Safety

Improved navigation can easily enhance the safety of your drivers and your fleet by keeping drivers on track with directions. The fleet tracking systems also offer ways to safely communicate with your drivers. Aside from safety in navigation and location, by improving simple tasks such as recorded maintenance needs, you will prevent potentially treacherous situations that unreliable vehicles can cause.