It can be difficult to know what the right choice is for you when there are so many different options for barcode and inventory management software, all of which varying widely in price and functions. If you have higher needs than the simple checking in and checking out of tools, tool tracking software is a necessity. There are a number of considerations to think about that can quickly simplify your decision.

Businesses with small inventories who only work with a tool crib, supply room or tool vending machines will usually find the most basic and inexpensive tool tracking software to be sufficient. These types of software can usually be run from a single PC or a network, and can be standard, mobile, or both. They are suitable for small or medium sized distributors in manufacturing warehouses, law offices, laboratories, automotive assembly and repair, and other similar fields.

Basic tool tracking software manages inventory reorder points and levels of consumables, and can be used for forecasting and reporting. Inventory levels and movements can be tracked no matter whether the items are in a warehouse, distribution center, stock room or store.

If you have more complex needs or are a larger business, you may require something more customizable or software that includes Warehouse Management Software, and Inventory, Shipping Receiving and Picking software. You may also wish to purchase tool tracking software that allows for the integration of accounting or enterprise planning functions.

It is always best to test any software you are considering through a demo version. This will ensure that the program meets your needs before purchase. Also note that it can be expensive to make many modifications to the software, so try to pick something that most closely meets your requirements.